Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup

Today's post is all about doing things handmade... 
That's right, I'm going to share with you my grandma's recipe
for her home made chicken noodle soup! 
I even have pictures.
(How prepared am I!) 

1 chicken, sectioned or not
4 to 6 carrots
3 to 5 stalks of celery 
Soup Base (I used Orrington Farms)
parsley, rosemary, bay leaves, salt & pepper

4 eggs 
(I use organic from my mother in law when I can)
3Cups flour
2tbsp water
1tbsp oil
flour to roll out

First, boil the chicken. This should take anywhere from around a half hour up, 
depending on what kind of chicken you get and how big the pieces are. 
Make sure it's cooked properly! 
I start the chicken then move on to the noodles. 
First boil some water for the noodles before you start them. 

Mix all the ingredients for noodles with a mixer. 
It can be done by hand, but it's a pain!
I used to do it by hand in my apartment before I got married... ugh.

Sometimes I let the dog help? Hahaha. I spilled some flour.

Oh Gus, You're too cute!

Once the noodle dough is mostly done, knead the dough
to incorporate all the ingredients fully. Also, it makes the dough 
a little smoother and easier to work with. 
The dough should not be sticky, and if it is just wipe a little 
extra on your work surface so it doesn't stick. 
Then roll the dough out as thin as you would like the noodles to be. 

Here is the dough rolled out and partly cut. 
Cut the dough into strips! I like my noodles a little thicker, and my husband likes
them thinner. 
This is about how thick I cut them:

Now put the noodles in the boiling water, about three handfuls at a time. 
Do not overfill the pot, as it is easy for all the 
starches to foam up, and you don't want
your noodles to stick together. 
Stir the noodles a few times during cooking, which should take about three minutes. 
The noodles will float when they are done, 
and you can always taste them to make sure.
Also, if you take them out a little too soon
 they will always cook a little more in
the soup. 

Here are the finished noodles! Now, set them aside to work on the rest of the soup. The chicken should be done by now, and you may have taken it out to cool already. I strain the water from the chicken to use as the base for the soup, then add soup base to it. I do not measure, just look for the right color and taste. (should be several table spoons full)
strip all the chicken from the bones, and add it back to the pot. Then cut up the carrots and celery, however thick you want them, and add those too.
Then add the herbs and noodles. I like the spices I listed in the recipe, but use whatever you like. If there is too much ingredients and not enough broth, mix the soup base and the water together before adding it to the pot, so you don't have to re-season the whole pot of soup. 

You are done! It's ready to eat (as long as the veggies are cooked), but I like to let it sit on 
low for an hour or more to let all the flavors mix. And it's almost better the next day! 

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  1. Yum! I made homemade soup noodles the other day too! :) And Gus is too cute.