Just An Update

Let's see, where to begin. 
I finally got some much needed days off 
that quickly got eaten up by doctors' visits and sickness.
One of which was for the first migraine I've ever had. 

I got a custom order for wedding jewelry this week.
I absolutely LOVE what I came up with for it,  
I may just keep it! 

I also have a craft date with one of my friends tomorrow...
I am so exited! 
I don't have many (non-online) friends that share my
jewelry interests, so when I get to have a day to go to the bead store
and just veg out with some beads... just marvelous! 

I bought a sit up bar-thingy at a garage sale today. 
I figured for one dollar I could at least sit in it and pretend to 
do sit ups while I watch TV... :) 

Got to spend some time with my little sister in law today.
It amazes me how smart she is. 
We made a necklace for her, and went garage saleing for hours. 

I think that's about all that's going on in my world at the moment. 
I'll update later with pics of my bone work, 
which I haven't gotten many days to work on
since it's been raining here a lot. 


Kitchen Remodel

Hi Everyone! 
I thought I'd show off what we've been up to the last couple weeks.
We painted our kitchen and redid the cabinets!! 

This is what it looked like before:

Here is after we started the remodel:

And we're not quite done yet, the doors have to be put back on. 
But at least with these final pics you can see the new colors, and get an idea.
I will have to upload the "all done" pics when we finish 
(hopefully this weekend)

So you can't really get an idea of what the cabinets look like, sorry. 
But I promise more pictures are coming. 

Another thing I'm working on is carving bone. 
I will be making beads and maybe some small statues. 
I'm still practicing, so I don't have any pictures for you yet. 

P.S. The bones being used are from animals that died of natural causes 
or road accidents. Every precaution was made to keep the process of 
cleaning as natural as possible, including leaving the bones in the wild until the meat 
and usable parts by animals were gone.