Just An Update

Let's see, where to begin. 
I finally got some much needed days off 
that quickly got eaten up by doctors' visits and sickness.
One of which was for the first migraine I've ever had. 

I got a custom order for wedding jewelry this week.
I absolutely LOVE what I came up with for it,  
I may just keep it! 

I also have a craft date with one of my friends tomorrow...
I am so exited! 
I don't have many (non-online) friends that share my
jewelry interests, so when I get to have a day to go to the bead store
and just veg out with some beads... just marvelous! 

I bought a sit up bar-thingy at a garage sale today. 
I figured for one dollar I could at least sit in it and pretend to 
do sit ups while I watch TV... :) 

Got to spend some time with my little sister in law today.
It amazes me how smart she is. 
We made a necklace for her, and went garage saleing for hours. 

I think that's about all that's going on in my world at the moment. 
I'll update later with pics of my bone work, 
which I haven't gotten many days to work on
since it's been raining here a lot. 


  1. what a fun post! I miss garage sale-ing .. havent been in ages!! so did you find some new fun beads??? cant wait to see your newest creation

  2. No Debbi, No beads this time. :( I do have some beads from a garage sale earlier this year that I haven't used yet though... hmmm... :)