New Shop

I am super exited to announce the opening of my new shop!
A while ago, I decided that joining the 
Artfire community is a great way to 
expand my business. 

I've had it up and running, 
and now I think it's ready to be pounced upon 
by unsuspecting jewelry fanatics!
(This means you. Haha.) 

So far I don't have much up
(hard to decide where to list each item)
But there is definitely more to come!

In other news:
Since we all know how great (in a sarcastic voice)
I am about updating...
We have a new inspiration on the way!
I am about 4.5 months pregnant :)
We will find out if it is a boy or a girl next week. 

This does mean, however, no coffee
for a while. I am trying to do this
as chemical free as possible, 
and that includes caffeine.

So all of you will have to indulge for me!